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Pozitive India is an invitation to do something for our nation. It???s our chance to contribute to the nation in our own unique, creative way. It???s our chance to do something pozitive for India. It???s our chance to make a pozitive India. Our purpose is to stimulate a positive change through the stories we create and curate.

You can’t deny that the world you create today is the world you leave behind for your children and the generations to come. Thus, we are making an attempt to inspire people to do good by exposing them to all the good happening around them.

Pozitive India is a social campaign, where every effort is a step toward positive social change. While our stories instill hope and motivation in individuals, our community of changemakers and influencers gets constructive ideas implemented. Pozitive India intends to become a platform for sharing every common man???s positive effort and to propagate positive things happening in our society and thereby making more happen.