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In the year 2006, one of the songs of Nagesh Kukunoor’s film “Ye hausle kaise jhukey” impressed me like a normal audience. I cannot say that director Nagesh Kukunoor’s song was then influenced by the life struggle of IAS Anurag Verma but I can definitely say this song being influenced by the life struggle of real life heroes like Anurag and thus coined.

IAS Anurag Verma Difficulties are a bitter truth in our lives. Someone understands the world while someone cries about it for his whole life. At every turn of life everyone has a different perspective of looking at the problems that happen. Many people rock the challenges faced in this crooked way of life, whereas some get shattered in front of you, some are facing these challenges and making it a path to open new routes.

IAS Anurag Verma’s story is of a person who choose fighting over conflict. This is a success story, whose weft is woven with hard work, great perseverance and dedication. It’s about an extraordinary success of a common man born in a very simple family in the town. It is a real and unheard story.Every youth has his or her own story behind becoming an IAS, similar moment of the spark beginning was inside someone in 2012 batch. This story is of an IAS Anurag Verma. It is a hallmark. Father’s dream was that the son grew up to become an IAS Officer. He didnt had enough funds for the preparation of such exam but there was no shortage of ambulances, so the son also amidst very poor economic conditions, with relentless hard work and constant struggle, made his own way and that made a big difference in achieving it.

Its not the language that become an obstacle to do anything better in life, it is our society that has tied itself to the shackles of languages. These sometimes divide the country into two parts, one part is English and the other part is Hindi. Anurag acclaims proudly that his studies from first to twelfth class is from Hindi medium Government School.

Born in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh, Anurag Verma belong to Lower Middle Class family, his father was working at very low salary in a sugar mill where salary was payed once in four months. Such circumstances left Anurag with the option of completing his school as well as graduation from Government School and College.?? He proved his worth from the school where has been a question mark about studies by a large section of society, the Government School. He has accomplished the aim of being an IAS after studying from the place people look down. Breaking the tradition and leading every young person who struggles with difficulties. He is an inspiration. Due to financial constraints, Anurag has done his job without any coaching and resources. Decided to follow the difficult path of dreams with full vigor he was already in preparation, then just 6 months before UPSC exam, news of his father’s demise broke him completely. He wanted to fulfill his father’s dream by becoming an officer. Hard work paid off and he qualified exam in the third attempt.

Starting from the scratch upto making for his city of dreams was no where a cake walk. Initially economic challenges, and later his strenght, his father was no more with him in this journey. Those sorrowful long nights of depression, hardships, fear of defeat. Challenges stood in the form of a macabre, but he won with his skill and indomitable courage. He turned black night into dawn. Somedays it felt like he cannot do this anymore, but only then life from the same darkness came with ray of hope.

Most people in the world break up in the face of adversity but Anurag was born to fight challenges. At every turn of life, he had many difficulties. After selection in UPSC, Anurag got the MP cadre. His elder brother dropped the job at Delhi and came to look after the family in Rae Bareli. In 2015, he got succumbed to an accident and once again Anurag’s heart was shattered. He mustered courage and followed his never let your spirits down principle in the midst of conflicts and troubles.Biography of IAS Anurag VermaAn image emerges in the mind as soon as an IAS officer is mentioned. A stern officer with pleasures, awe and a sharp stance. Today, what an IAS looks into the mind of an average youth of the country is to almost become a king where the whole administrative staff bow their heads, clasped their hands, standing appears. This is more or less the same, but not necessarily all IAS officers should be like this, there are many examples where IAS officers rightly consider themselves public servants and surprise everyone by their style of working. Leaving all those frills and approaching among the common man himself.?? For Anurag the post is not a means of comfort but a means of social service.

Anurag Varmaji, who wrote his fortune by changing the lines of his own hands in this story of becoming an IAS is not only inspiring but it is exemplary.

The simplicity of this young, positive and innovative officer has changed the perspective of public about how one can be punctual, equally fidelity to duty and yet down to earth. Everyone who knows him says, ‘Collector ho toh aisa.” At the post of collector, he bridged the distance between general public and administrative officials. The general public feel free to approach him and discuss problem. They got hope and trust from the simplicity of this gentleman. People could not believe that the person present in the crowd among us is not a common man, but the captain of the district. Anuragji is a very good officer as well as a friendly person. We rarely come across such humble personalities. May be that is also a good reason for his unique identity.Biography of IAS Anurag VermaBefore Morena Collector, IAS Anurag was Harda Collector, Sagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Deputy Secretary in the Panchayat and Rural Development Department , CEO of Morena District Panchayat, Chhatarpur SDM and posted as Collector in Singrauli. He was in news for the Field posting transparency and rigor in his work.??

While being a collector at Harda, Anurag Verma ji saved the nature through ‘tree bank’ on the occasion of Environment Day. He took a unique initiative under which all the panchayats of the district and establishment of ‘tree bank’ in villages was ensured. Tree bank, where the environment will be pure through the plantation itself plants will also be provided at cheap rate and the panchayat will not have to depend on the agency. Not only this, during corona as well, being the Harda Collector, Anuragji handled the district??command very well. Anuragji was away from his family for 60 days in the field and worked upto 18 hours.Biography of IAS Anurag VermaWhile being the Municipal Corporation Commissioner in Sagar, Anurag Verma ji did many commendable works for cleanliness. In his tenure, Sagar got ranking at national level in two-times under cleanliness survey. He managed to bring Smart city, sewer project, Amrit Project, ADB Project, PM Housing Project, Rajghat Repair. Various big projects including aprin construction started during Anuragji’s tenure. He is the first IAS officer to be posted as Commissioner and had the longest time for two consecutive years.Biography of IAS Anurag Verma

People like IAS Anurag Verma is an inspiration to dreams big and make their share in the sky. One does not get inheritance but has to make it himself. This is the reason that he deserved to be selected in UPSC and become an IAS today. Hindi is also gaining confidence among the candidates. Anuragji when look back at these golden memories of struggle, feel that a lot has changed. yet a lot has not changed. Which has not changed at all is the desire to constantly move forward and make things better.

Grew up without a silver spoon, a hard working man who could have given up at various stages in life, choose to become an IAS and his life is now an inspiration story for today’s youth. We shall make our way and not hold back with the circumstance. This lesson should be passed on till generations. He made his way instead of giving excuses.IAS ANURAG VERMA WITH FAMILYIn the journey of positive India, I have come across various struggle for success stories but not every story of success is indelible and immortal. The relevance and significance of the stories get over with time. There are few stories whose inspiration is imprint in our heart, and IAS Anurag ji’s story is one such story. This read will be the flame of energy in every young person to keep going forward even when the situation is adverse. So it is important to acknowledge that life?? may come with difficulties at every turn but your passion will determine the success. I hope this motivation is spread to every corner, every child should be taught, every young person should be explained, so that when they face troubles, they shouldnt think of quitting life, but be brave and fight back.

Positive Inida aspire to bring all such hidden stories that will motivate you and unveil the power you have inside. These people have determined to take charge of life and look for a way out for the solution to problem of society.

In the scenario of negative news spread through social media, we would like to use this platform with positive and inspiration stories that keep you motivated and going. Hope it will help you with keeping high spirit and believing in your dreams.


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