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Meet Brilliant Foot Painter&??World Record Holder??Damini

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A resident of Raipur, Damini was born without arms. But never once in her journey did she let her disability become a hurdle. At 17, she broke the ???Golden Book of World Records??? for the ???largest number of drawings (38) made by toes in one hour???. Today, she uses her feet and toes to do everything she needs to in everyday life, including cooking and painting.

Damini has written her fate by her bare feets. She belongs to Banjari villege of Raipur district. from childhood she was very found of studies and drawing. soon she started drawing through her feets.

Birth of the damini was more shocking than giving happiness because she did not have both hands. Society started taunting the girl but her mother Madhuri didn’t lose courage. She decided that she would leave no stone unturned to give her daughter a normal life.

??First learned himself, then taught Damini

Damini doesn’t depends on others for any work, she does all her work with her feet. She says that her mother has taught her every job. ‘Mother first learned herself and practiced till she became comfortable with it, after that she used to teach me.

Golden Book of Record Holder (2015) Damini says, painting is my hobby. I paint using my toes like any other person paints uising his/her hand and i realy enjoy the process.

Extraordinary young achiever Damini wants to become an IAS officer and work for children with disabilities. Pozitive India Salute Damini’s Courage & Success.


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