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There is a ‘sher’ which means I walk in the hard sunlight with the belief that if I burn I will have light in my home. ‘Yes, our todays story is based upon  journey of courage, struggle and success of a person who born in a very simple family of a small village and who  created his own destiny. Fighting with all the challenges, he created his own future and achieved the goal of his life. Today, his story of struggle is like a ray of light in the darkness for all those people, who give up and miss their dreams.  

Lets meet everyone’s beloved and favorite IAS officer Mr. Kaushalendra Vikram Singh

It is said that talent does not depend upon situation or differentiate richness and poverty. Talent seeks only an opportunity to prove their self.  And as soon as that opportunity comes the talent establish or else it may be said that even though some people are born in an ordinary family, they have talent to  make their dreams come true on the strength of their own strong will-power. The story of Vidisha Collector IAS Kaushalendra Vikram Singh is a hallmark of the same, which proves that for success enough courage only is important and not an ideal situation.

 IAS officer Kaushalendra Vikram Singh of 2009 cadre belongs to Maheshpur village in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. His father, Bindra Singh was a tube-well operator in the Irrigation Department. He devoted his whole life to make future of his sons. Kaushalendra Vikram Singh completed his basic education through Hindi medium from a government school of his village. Normally government schools have a great question mark about education quality. Large sections of our society have not good opinion regarding such type of schools. Kaushalendraji became an IAS officer from the same school and it proves that a student of government school too can achieve any glorious goal of his life.  

One incident of adolescent age changed the whole life

Kaushalendra just gave a look to his past and says that he was very weak student in class II, so he often used to be beaten by his teachers. Once he wrote something  wrong and his teacher had torn his copy and thrown it away. This incident made me shocked.  After this, I decided in my mind that I will become first in this class. After working hard, I achieved first position in the class second. After this, I was fully occupied with my study and the chain of position number one continued till the end.” After intermediate, he moved to Allahabad for further studies and started preparing for his great future.

Although Kaushlendra ji belongs from a small village but he never had small dreams. Lack of sufficient resources in a rural environment never stopped him to reach his goals.

It is said that behind every success there is a long story of struggle. After defeating all challenges when a young man holds the highest administrative service in the country, he becomes a hero for the whole society. Despite being from an ordinary family, Kaushalendra Vikram Singh achieved extraordinary success whose hard work is a mile-stone. 

Caliber to find victory in defeat, made ‘hero’

There are successes and failures both in life, but getting failure does not mean everything is stopped in life rather it is a lesson. The losers are those who do not  fight and the winners are  only one who is determined to do something. Struggle story of Kaushlendra Vikram singh is the same. After graduating from Allahabad, Kaushalendraji wanted to take admission in  good and prestigious institutes of the country like JNU and DU. His friends and teachers had great faith in him, but what a nice game played his uncertain life, kaushalendraji did not get the college of his own choice, whilst most of his friends  got the admission in these institutes easily. However, despite this bitter experience of life, he did not gave up hope and once again he was ready for the preparation of NET with a new spirit. Once again luck made him down,  he failed to clear the NET.

May be after not getting admission in a good institute or  not being successful in the NET in the first attempt, like other people, Kaushalendraji  might have got very angry on himself. May be due to not fulfilling the dreams of the family, lots of  depressive thought might have started to come his  mind. But Kaushalendra had just failed the entrance exam, not in life. Therefore, in these circumstances, generally the courage required by people to take the wrong steps, Kaushalendraji with a positive angle of vision decided to strengthen himself  by using that courage and anger against his weakness.

Probably this was the worst moment of Kaushalendraji’s life. Between graduation to PG little failures broke him entirely . That was dark night of despair, everywhere there were difficulties and fear of defeat.  THERE were challenges on the front of all , he was busy with efforts and indomitable courage to turn dark night into a pleasant morning. Many times it seemed that no, not anymore, enough is enough. At the same time amidst all darkness, life said see sky is going to be bright.   Finally Kaushalendraji’s hard work expressed the result. Not only he cleared a tough exam like civil services in the first attempt, but also surprised everyone by achieving great marks in GRF.

Quite different style makes everyone his fan

Usually, by the name of  a collector, the image of a dominating person emerges in the minds of the people. Who sits in the luxurious AC room and orders his subordinates, but a picture came out from Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh which showed the mirror to the bureaucracy. However, if the head of a district to be seen cleaning the drain with a mattock and shovel , it would be a little difficult to believe. But believe it , that’s a person who is seen wearing a mask and gloves, holds shovel full of mud is  the  collector of  Vidisha ,  Kaushalendra Vikram Singh. With unique simplicity he broke the general  perception of officers and  set an example for common man to make the cleanliness campaign as a part of the life.

When we try to change the thought of society on our own, we need to do something different to leave an impact on others. Some hard working IAS when do the same they come in limelight. They inspire their subordinates by giving example of their work.  

Actually the collector was very sad to see dirt and drains in the city. Even after giving instructions to the employees, the situation did not improve then Collector Kaushalendraji decided to clean the drains himself. Every morning he went out on the road  to clean the drains. Having seen him doing this the citizen alongwith other officers and sanitation workers also got involved in this campaign with their core of heart. The campaign started reflecting the result. Not only this, Kamal Nath the head of the state, too praised his initiative. When the head of the state praises someone, it is not a small matter, it is sure that his performance was quite better than other officers of the state.

Togetherness reflects better result rather than scolding the employees

It is said that no one is great or minor, their karma elevate their stature. This is true with IAS Kaushalendra Singh. Kaushalendra Singh who has belief in equality believes we can get only average result from the employees by scolding them but with encouragement and self-involvement, results can be much better. At the same time, work for the benefit of society can be done by involving them only.  Kaushalendraji never showed off that HE IS AN IAS.

The art of connecting the people in a team and taking everyone along is the real example of a skilled captain. This is the biggest strength of the leadership of Vidisha Collector IAS Kaushalendra Vikram Singh, he always connects and be with everyone.

To prove the truth of the sentence ‘Karma is worship’  IAS Kaushalendra Vikram Singh has falsified the decades-old belief in Madhya Pradesh that bureaucrats are made only to take rest in their office . To be honest, really he has considered himself as a public servant. Citizen of district are quite happy by getting a good officer as well as a better person.

IAS for whom nothing is impossible

There is no space for defeat and failure in the  dictionary of IAS kaushlendra Vikram Singh. He knows how to handle dificulties which was noticed when Kaushalendraji was posted as the District Panchayat CEO in Narsinghpur in the year of 2014-15. Kaushalendraji, on the strength of his determination and self-confidence, made Chavarpatha, the most backward area of ​​Narsinghpur, the first ODF block of the state within just two months, while all the officials, employees and engineer of district and panchayat declared impossible task to make Chavarpatha open  defecation free  in such a short time.  Later Narsinghpur also became the first ODF district of the state. Not only this, Kaushalendraji has also shown the magic of ability to change and rejuvenate the Sagar in a very short time. IAS Kaushalendra Vikram Singh, who was commissioner of Sagar Municipal Corporation from December 2015 to May 2017, improved the  city’s cleanliness ranking from 336 to 23 and that’s why the  Sagar was awarded as  Fastest Moving City Award in the West Zone.

Awarded by PM

Kaushalendraji impressed everyone with his work as a collector in Neemuch from June 2017 to June 2018. He received ‘Excellence Award’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for converting  all the buildings built under PM Awas yojna as a complete house.  During  his tenure as Neemuch Collector, his efforts in PM Awas Yojana were set as a model, which was inspected by the team of Delhi and found that the basic facilities like electricity, water as well as gas connections, old age pension in these houses have been properly provided. In fact, in Neemuch Kaushalendraji implemented PM Awas Yojna as a social project rather than a construction project. He involved 150 women self-help groups and raised the value of the district by constructing  the best PM Awaas across the country.

Unique initiative on shortage of blood in blood bank

Some time back, in Vidisha due to shortage of blood in the blood bank unique initiative was taken on the instructions of Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh. Not only he donated blood to solve the problem, but also motivated all administrative officers and employees including ADM, SDM and Deputy Collector.

The story of Kaushalendraji, who wrote his own fortune with his hard work and dedication to become a collector, is inspiring but his service as a collector is even more inspiring and exemplary.

Of course bureaucracy is the most powerful system in this country, which holds the caliber to change the society. Officers can not only fix the problem of a bad system, rather they also improve the lifestyle of the people. Work style of IAS Kaushalendra Vikram Singh  strongly establishes this truth. As a collector, he has bridged the gap between the general public and administrative officials with his simplicity.

A generous collector who won the hearts of public

Known as a simple and foresighted person, Vidisha Collector Kaushalendra Singh’s compassion and efforts to relieve the pain of others makes him favorite person of the mass. In the era of despair, one such picture has given a hope to the humanity when an old man Kashiram reached the Collector with his problem during public hearing. The old Kashiram  came there for  his land problem, but during the conversation, Collector Kaushalendra Singh felt that Kashiram was  having hearing problem. Therefore, the collector, with  showing generosity, immediately asked for an ear machine (hearing aid) for the elderly Kashiram and then solved his land problem.

It is said that after having great success in life a person forgets his land and roots, but Vidisha Collector Kaushalendra Singh has set an example of sensibility and a sense of duty beyond this, which will not only be memories for a long time, rather other officers and responsible post holders of the country will also be inspired by this

For the youth   IAS, Kaushalendra Vikram Singh has become a role  model  today   who grew up without any luxury, starting his life journey from a modest family.  The example of his success is not only the achievement for his  life only,  rather his  experiences are  lessons  for  the entire younger generation as well. That is why they are also assuming their responsibility to teach today’s youth to never give up. ‘Positive India’   salutes that person who changed his own life and now  his story is changing the lives of thousands of people.


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